Entries by Molly Stewart

Driving in the Dark

When aging eyes meet nighttime roadways, driving can be hazardous. Here’s how you can make the road you travel safer.

Managing Stress

Whether you’re experiencing everyday stress or you’re sufering from prolonged stress caused by an ongoing circumstance in your life, one thing is certain — you need to help yourself relax!

Winter Safety Tips

The snow has arrived in the mountains! Hard to believe that we are almost back to winter! We wanted to share a few
safety tips for everyone to keep in mind.

Volunteer Highlight: Tyler Valentine

This month we would like to highlight Tyler Valentine. Tyler is one of our Meals on Wheels delivery drivers and delivers the Pioneer route every Thursday.

5 Ways to Stay Healthy in Winter

Winter can be a challenging time to stay healthy and feel at your best. So how can you protect your mental and physical health at this time of year? Follow these five steps and you will be on your way.