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**Please check our monthly activities calendar for the most up to date class schedule.


  • 9:00 Leslie's Fitness 
  • 10:30  Leslie's Fitness


  • 9:00 Pilates
  • 10:30 Yoga


  • 8:30 Yoga for Strength
  • 9:00 Leslie's Fitness
  • 10:30 Leslie's Fitness
  • 11:00 Tai Chi for Balance


  • 9:00 Yoga
  • 10:30 Restorative Yoga
  • 10:30 Tai Chi
  • 10:30 Line Dancing


  • 9:00 Leslie's Fitness
  • 10:30 Leslie's Fitness
  • 11:00 Tai Chi for Balance


Exercise Equipment is available during open hours with the exception of Tuesdays, 10:30-11:30.  Exercise equipment is free of charge to members of the senior center.  Please sign in on the computer.  

Now offering Saturday Exercise hours:  10:30 am - 11:30 am and Tuesday/Thursday Evenings:  5:30 pm - 7:00 pm.  If you would like to volunteer to staff these hours, please talk to Hannah, Activities/Volunteer Coordinator.



Social Activities

Will Bowling, Beginner Spanish, Pinochle, Bible Study, Duplicate Bridge, Contract Bridge, Bingo, Mahjong, knitting group, special outings and more.  See our monthly activities calendar for a full listing



Education & Training                                 

Providing opportunities for individuals to acquire knowledge, experience or skills.  Examples include:  nutrition counseling, Medicare Assistance, safe drivers courses, and preventative health programs.

We also offer a full library of books, DVD's and tapes.

Information and Referral

Includes the provision of information, application assistance and referrals to other available services. Visit our Senior Resource Guide for helpful links.





Care provided by licensed health professionals at foot clinics, flu clinics, blood pressure checks, etc. 

Monthly Activities Calendar