June is Pride Month!!

June is nationally recognized as LGBTQ+ Pride Month. But why is it important to have pride? It can be a misconception that the LGBTQ+ community just started in the last 20 years or that these people are following a “trend.” Despite this, over 3 million adults over the age of 55 in the United States identify as LGBTQ+. Because of that, spending time celebrating this massive population of the United States is essential. 

Older LGBTQ+ Americans face and have faced very different struggles than the LGBTQ+ community faces in the United States today. For example, older LGBTQ+ Americans are more likely to feel isolated, avoid places like senior centers or meal halls, and have a small or non-existent social circle. Older LGBTQ+ Americans are two times more likely to live alone. Discrimination or fear of discrimination are considerable factors in making older LGBTQ+ people have a more difficult time socially. 59% of people in this community have, at one time or another, avoided healthcare because they were afraid of discrimination, and 34% reported having to hide their identity to gain access to senior housing. 

This month is about respecting people who are different from you and loving yourself, regardless of how you identify. Fighting this discrimination can improve the lives of all older Americans. So take some time to reach out to people you know in this community and tell them you love and respect them. We’re all people and deserve a chance to be happy and have a community. The Senior Center of Jackson Hole is committed to including everyone in our programming. If you have questions or suggestions about programs that are LGBTQ+ inclusive or focused, reach out to Rebecca Erskine. See the articles below for more information on older LGBTQ+ Americans and Pride Month. 


Sourced from SAGE, Facts on Older LGBTQ+ Americans. 





Discover a Rewarding Summer Hobby!

Cultivate flowers, herbs, fruits, or vegetables in one of our raised garden beds. These 4 x 2.5-foot beds come fully equipped with soil, ready for you to bring your supplies and seeds or starters. Use of the bed is only $50 for the season and can be shared with a friend. This is a great activity to enjoy the beautiful summer weather and bring yourself a sense of joy and accomplishment.