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"The Chef is great!"

"The Senior Center is amazing and very helpful"

"We love the food here, and hope to meet someone new at each meal"

"Leslie's Exercise is excellent, safe and fun!"

"The Senior Center offers opportunities to give back for receiving great programs and free food for those who like it"

"The flu shot clinic is very helpful"

"The programs at the Senior Center is invaluable to those that live near by and depend on these services. I feel the meals are exceptional and folks look forward to the daily meals" -Sylvia Raumaker

"The food is very nutriotional and delicious. This is a wonderful service for this community"

"Great food, awesome staff, beautiful facility!"

"The Senior Center is a great facility! I do many of the programs. The exercise classes are a good way to meet friends"

The Senior Center helps my social calendar"

"5 stars! The Senior Center helps us get out of the house and in the current world"

"Love the meals"

"The chef is friendly and a great cook. He makes people happy with his food and attitude"

"These services also provide an important social link so important to seniors and all people!"

"Leslie's fitness is the best! It helps with socialization, improves mental health, and Leslie is "on call" to answer health questions and send us to the right source for help. The yoga class on Tuesdays are great too! The instructors are so respectful and knowledgeable."

"A nice variety of programs and very willing to meet clients wishes. And excellent instructors"

"I enjoy the services at the Senior Center. It helps my health and overall quality of life"

"These programs are wonderful for our people"

"The meals are wonderful and getting together with others during lunch is good for all of us!"

"Thank you in every way" -Mary Waid

"My favorites are Leslie's Fitness and Yoga"